#375 Hack Nutz Racing

Race Class: F3

Engine: Suzuki GS1100


Website: www.HackNutzR.US

Driver: Ken Kyler

Ken took a non-traditional route to this eclectic sport. He started out on a motocross sidecar.  In 2011 he completed the 88th Running of the Race to the Clouds (aka Pike's Peak Hill Climb) on a 1974 Wasp/XS650 motocross sidecar; qualifying first in his class.


Pike's Peak was paved top to bottom the year after (2012) making MX hacks obsolete. Ken then decided to take up sidecar roadracing to prepare for a return to Pike's Peak sometime in the future. Ken now races a Period 3 sidecar powered by a Suzuki GS1100 motor.




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